How to Brand Your Twitter Profile to Boost Growth

Written by Zoe Anthopoulou

Jun 27, 2024

How to Brand Your Twitter Profile to Boost Growth

Twitter used to be a text-only social media platform, but quickly, images and graphics made their way into the platform. And with that, branding also made it’s way into the platform in the form of branded Twitter headers and graphics.

But with 368 million monthly active users and at least 500 million Tweets sent every day, you can imagine that branding is no longer essential just for businesses. Individual creators need to understand its benefits and leverage its power as well, if they want to set their profile apart from others and engage more users with your profile and brand.

In this post, you'll figure out how having consistent Twitter branding can boost your Twitter growth, and will be sharing tips on how you can achieve that and level up your Twitter strategy!

Why do I need to brand my Twitter account?

Branding is important if you want to you create a memorable impression on your audience. And this is exactly what you need if you want to grow your Twitter account.

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Having a branded Twitter profile and branded content can help reinforce brand identity, and ensure recognition among your audience. This means that after viewing any of your branded Twitter content in your brand’s colors and overall style, users will also recognize any posts from you on their feed.

In other words, using branding for your Twitter account can help you:

  • create a community of users who will connect with you
  • make your content more recognizable
  • increase engagement with your content
  • create a more professional image for yourself, ultimately attracting more users to follow you

All these benefits, and branding is not even that hard too!

Here’s an excellent example of a branded Twitter account by @AlexLlullTW:

notion image

How to create your brand?

The whole concept of a brand is to match your style and be unique. A brand could be its colors, typography and logo, but the base of it all is the brand identity. Your brand identity is something like your brand’s personality; is it quirky and playful? Or maybe professional and minimal?

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Once you find your brand’s identity it’s time to set up some basic elements that will define your brand, like a:

  • Color palette: A palette of three colours is a good start. Start by picking out the first color, preferably a vibrant one that you feel mirrors your brand identity. And then find a color with a strong contrast to make your secondary colour. Contrast will ensure your brand’s palette “pops” and can draw a user’s attention. Your third colour should probably be a bit toned down to complement the two stronger colours. And just like that you have a basic brand palette.
  • Font: Pick a font you like, preferably one that you can use in your graphics. That means that it’s legible and will not tire users who view it. Whether is a serif or a sans, it doesn’t matter. Whatever you feel suits your brand’s identity the most!
  • Logo: A logo is a nice-to-have, especially if you do not have any design abilities. But even if this is true, you can use something like your MeMoji or your initials as a logo. But it’s still okay if you don’t have one!
  • Slogan: You will probably need a line or two of text describing what your brand is about. It could be some words on what your content is about, what your passions are, generally something that sets you apart.

Once you settle on these elements, you will be ready to leverage your brand across different channels and start growing it’s reputation. In Twitter, too!

How to apply consistent branding to your Twitter account?

Consistent branding should start from your profile and then feed into your daily posts. This means that you have two points of focus: your Twitter profile and your content.

Branding your Twitter Profile

To brand your Twitter profile you need to upload a branded image and header, in your brand’s colors, and style.

Your profile image is important as it will be the one visible in the user’s feed. But your header is also super important as it can give you have a better chance at standing out amongst other creators.

When creating your header consider using your brand’s font and slogan, to reinforce your brand’s identity.

Tip: You can learn more on how to create Twitter headers in our How to create a Twitter Header article.

Branding your Tweets

There are two types of Tweets: the ones that contain an image and the ones who don’t. Yet you can apply branding in both cases.

Text-based tweets

Your text-based tweets convey branding through their tone; is it playful, or more professional? Are you using emojis, and which ones? In this case, you cannot adjust the colors, or font, so you can only convey your branding by keeping a consistent style and tone of writing.

Image-based tweets

Your tweets that are based on an image are different though; you can define the colours, design, and typography of the images you upload. Keeping the same background, colours, font and a similar style to all your images is what will convey your branding to the users who see your posts.

Don’t know where to start with your graphis? Don’t worry, we got you! Here is an article to help you start creating your Twitter content: 5 Ways To Level Up Your Twitter Graphics

Here is an example of a branded image Tweet:

notion image
Tip: Make sure that both your content and profile are based on your brand’s basic elements, and that they are consistent throughout your content and overall presentation.

Which tools can you help with your branding efforts?

Consistent Twitter branding is powerful, but most people do not realize that it's easy, too (if you are using the right tools of course).

BrandBird is a powerful image editor that can help you build consistent branded graphics in seconds. It offers a lot of editing options, so you can adjust your design’s background to your brand’s colors, add your logo, and text in your brand’s font.

Most importantly, BrandBird offers templates, and brand features to help you create branded content fast.

See the full roster of our features here: BrandBird: a Powerhouse of Features


BrandBird’s templates are a great tool for consistent content, as you can create your personal branded templates and re-use them by simply changing the featured image or text. This means that you will keep the background, style and overall design, which is exactly what you need to keep consistent branding for your content. And it also saves you tons of time, since you will be re-using the same design, and don’t need to create it from scratch!

Branded Watermark

Using a branded watermark can help you establish a strong visual identity for your brand and build trust around your brand and product. With BrandBird you upload a watermark and add it to your designs with just one click. Plus, with our predefined watermark positions, you can make sure that your watermark is always at the same place!

See an example:

notion image


Brands is a feature in BrandBird where you can save all of your brand’s elements, so you can easily find them and use them. You can add your brand’s name, color palette, your logo, and your font, so each time you are creating a design, all of these are at the tips of your fingers.

Here’s an example of a branded graphic created with BrandBird:

notion image

To conclude, branding should be a major aspect of your Twitter strategy as it can help you resonate with your audience, reinforce brand identity, and ensure recognition among your audience.

Consistency in these visual elements will not only enhance the aesthetic of your posts but is also essential for creating a professional image, ultimately attracting more users and driving more followers.

By following these simple tips, you can create beautiful branded graphics that will tremendously boost your Twitter engagement and ultimately, your account. Don’t forget to have fun while creating, staying true to your brand and your graphics will stand out and impress your viewers, for sure!


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