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Design eye-catching launch graphics for your Product Hunt audience and earn the top spots of the day and week.

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Create professional-looking images for your Product Hunt launch that showcase your product's key features and benefits by remixing thousnads of pre-made templates.

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Social media is a key marketing channel for many Product Hunt launches, and BrandBird can help you create the perfect graphics for your social media posts.

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Blog post graphics

Product Hunt launches often go hand-in-hand with blog posts that provide more in-depth information about the product. BrandBird can help you create graphics that accompany your blog post and make it more engaging and visually appealing.

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Open Graph (OG) images

Quickly create stunning & converting Open Graph (OG) images that will be visible when users share your product on social media.

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Ready-to-use templates

Abstract background shapes mockupTestimonial GraphicPolaroid image mockupsHighlight feature on tweetBlog Open Graph (OG) imageTestimonial quoteHighlight Small FeatureHiring devs templateAbstract background shapes mockupAbstract background lines mockup
Avatar confetti scribbble SVGShowcase features LinkedIn Banner with arrowTwitter cover with arrowAvatar confetti scribbble SVGMacbook thumbnail with scribblesTwitter cover inspired by @ArthurArnaudHighlight area with handwritten arrowProduct Hunt #1 spotOdin landing page template
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