Twitter impressions and engagements have increased up to 7000% since I started using BrandBird.

An image editor for busy SaaS founders, who build in public!

BrandBird turns your screenshots into captivating graphics aligned with your branding to help you boost your social media reach & engagement!

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BrandBird integartion with undefinedBrandBird integartion with undefined

I've just subscribed for the year and I'm already speeding up my graphics creation process for blog articles and newsletters!Officially my new favourite tool of March 2022!!

Turn your screenshots into beautiful posts

Ready-to-use templates

Mesh background & tilted image
Metallic ball SaaS cover
Twitter SaaS cover
Black Friday Design Template
Book mockup
Mesh black & white background
vocaLICIOUS Purple Blast
Simple Open graph image
Mobile iPhone mockups
iPhone 15 mockups
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Significantly reduced the time my team spends on creating marketing assets.

Dropped Canva all together for BrandBird.

Ismail Pelaseyed

Founder drops

How It Works

Learn how to create beautiful screenshots with BrandBird.


Upload any kind of image, even a boring screenshot.


Customize your graphics with easy-to-use presets.


Export & Post your beautiful image at your socials.

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BrandBird is helping me produce high-quality, eye-catching assets.Before using BrandBird, my assets looked dull and amateuristic but now they look 10x more appealing with minimal effort. Whenever I need a graphic asset, I instantly open up BrandBird. It completely replaced all my other visual tooling.

Customize In 2 Clicks!

Apply backgrounds, 3D effect, mockups, and many more, with a single click.


Upgrade your Twitter branding!

Instantly brand your screenshots to make your content recognizable & increase your engagement.

Custom Background

Use solid color, gradients, patterns, or images.

Tilt Your Image

Wow your audience with 3D effects.


@brandbirdapp · 2h will become your favorite design tool for Twitter graphics!




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Not only has Brandbird sped up my content creation process, it's made it a lot more enjoyable.

I love being able to take a simple screenshot and make it look amazing in 5 seconds flat.

If you want nice visuals for your content or social media posts, this is definitely worth trying out.

Sunny Trochaniak

Founder @ NewPulse Labs

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Meet Our Features

Easy-to-use. Yet Powerful.

3D Effects

Rotate your image in the three dimensional space to create stunning 3D effects


Annotate your image to highlight features, and make your point clear. Add arrows, emojis, headings, rectangles, and more.


Wrap your images on real device mockups to make your work look even more professional.


Keep your visual content on-brand with consistent watermarks for your graphics. Create, upload and save them on our app.

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I have successfully used it to add backgrounds, 3D effects, mockups, and other elements to my designs in just one click.

This software delivers a streamlined editing process that doesn't force you to mess around with frames, layers, artboards, and other complex elements as all changes can be made in only a couple of clicks.

My first LinkedIn post with Brandbird got 20K views!


Embracing your workflow

BrandBird integration with undefined
BrandBird integration with undefined
BrandBird integration with undefined

BrandBird has changed the Twitter game for me.

I literally spent 1k last month on a design service before using BrandBird and now I'm creating exactly what I want and it even looks better.

BrandBird helped me speed up my design process when creating graphics for Twitter or landing pages.

Marko Denic, 225k followers

Hi fellow founder!

I'm Jim, the founder, designer & engineer behind BrandBird.

For many years, I was struggling to create engaging visuals for my products updates, social media content, and newsletters as a SaaS founder and content creator. The visual creation process felt tedius. Even though I was a professional designer.

I started wondering, how does it feel for a non-designer? It must be a horrible experience!

That's why I built BrandBird. My mission is to help SaaS founders create beautiful graphics with minimal effort even if they have zero design skills!

- Jim Raptis,

BrandBird founder

Signature of Jim Raptis, MagicPattern Founder & CEO
Jim Raptis, BrandBird Founder & CEO


An image editor
for busy entrepreneurs!

Turn your boring screenshots into beautiful scroll-stopping posts and grow your audience & branding.

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