About BrandBird

Milano 2022

Corfu 2021

I'm Jim, a solo SaaS founder that have launched, grown, and operated bootstrapped & VC-founded SaaS businesses for the last 8+ years.

For many years, I was struggling to create engaging visuals for my products updates, social media content, and newsletters as a SaaS founder and content creator. The visual creation process felt tedius. Even though I was a professional designer.

I started wondering, how does it feel for a non-designer? It must be a horrible experience!

That's why I built BrandBird. My mission is to help SaaS founders create beautiful graphics with minimal effort even if they have zero design skills!

But why am I a solopreneur?

The answer lies in my core values. When crafting a product I value greatly an expeptional user experience, the development speed, and the freedom to experiement with new things.

When you're VC funded it's very easy get off track and focus on less important things (like KPIs). That's something I hate!

The end user, you, and your experience is my #1 priority!

BrandBird founder

Signature of Jim Raptis, MagicPattern Founder & CEO
  • BrandBird is small & incredibly agile

    → Fast iteration cycles

    → We only listen to you

    → No slow internal processes

  • BrandBird is 100% bootstrapped

    → No VC influence our vision

    → UX is our top priority

    → We can take bold risks

  • BrandBird is profitable & stable from day #1

    → Company incorporated in Greece

    → It's part of a portofolio of companies with 1500+ paid customers

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