Best Templates In May

Written by Jim Raptis

Jun 3, 2022

Best Templates In May

This new monthly series showcases the best BrandBird templates made & shared on social media by BrandBird users.

It’s the best opportunity to get inspired for your own graphics & unlock the full potential of the BrandBird studio.

For those who want to get featured, don’t forget to tag @brandbirdapp on Twitter when you post a BrandBird image.

Let’s see the best templates for May.

1. NotionReads by @RBouschery

Robbie uses BrandBird for all his product graphics for NotionReads. From landing page hero image to Gumroad graphics.

Landing page hero image with BrandBird
Landing page hero image with BrandBird
Gumroad page graphics with BrandBird
Gumroad page graphics with BrandBird

In this post, I want to showcase his top-notch launch graphic on Twitter.

Launch graphics are a great use case for the “Header” feature of BrandBird studio.

notion image

Check the clever use of the text layer as a CTA button

2. Pillar app by @asabbas98

Attention-grabbing colors with handwritten arrow annotation & the magnifier glass to highlight the bottom nav bar

It’s dead simple to highlight your app’s feature with the BrandBird magnifier glass feature.

notion image

3. Orwell by @thebrokenfinger

Simple yet beautiful template with the retro mockup & a polka dot background.

A good reminder that a simple mockup can make your image look way more professional.

notion image

4. HelpKit by @sobedominik

Classic milestone announcement image with subtle blur to hide customer data.

Always remember to hide sensitive customer information. You can either blur these details or use the new pixelate option (which is a bit more secure).

notion image

5. Automation tips by @CSMikeCardona

Great use of annotation layers to highlight steps in tutorials.

notion image

That’s all for today, don’t forget:

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