The “Smart Paste” command

Written by Jim Raptis

Nov 15, 2022

The “Smart Paste” command

One of the best UX features of BrandBird is the ability to paste an image directly inside the BrandBird studio with a simple keyboard shortcut.

Recently, this feature got a massive upgrade and became 10x times more powerful. In this article, I’ll show you how to take advantage of the most advanced clipboard action.

Replace selected images

Select any image on your canvas - either a layout or annotating layer image- and click + V on your keyboard. It will replace your selected image with the new image from your clipboard.

New layout image

Make sure that you don't have any image selected on BrandBird and click + V. This will add a new Layout Image on your canvas.

New resizable annotation image

Again, make sure that you don't have any image selected on BrandBird and click + SHIFT + V. Now your clipboard image will be added on the canvas as a resizable image layer.

Import any website via its URL

Just copy any website URL on your clipboard, navigate back to BrandBird and paste the URL by clicking + V (new Layout image) or + SHIFT + V (new annotation layer).

notion image

BrandBird will import a desktop screenshot of the website provided. According to the shortcut used, it will be imported as a layout image or annotation layer image.

If you have a BrandBird image already selected, it will replace the specific image.

Import tweets by their unique URL

Find the unique URL of a tweet and simply paste it directly into BrandBird.

BrandBird imports the tweet’s information and allows you to customize its appearance (dark/light mode, background gradient, add/remove details, etc.).

Once you click “Use tweet”, it adds an annotation image layer from the tweet.

notion image

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