BrandBird September 2022 Updates

Written by Jim Raptis

Sep 29, 2022

BrandBird September 2022 Updates

It's been another busy month for BrandBird with a few interesting & useful new features, and many bug & performance fixes.

Last month’s big update introduced a few annoying bugs & performance issues, but now BrandBird works even better & faster than before.

Let’s have a quick look at new features & updates:

→ New Mockups & better Arrow Layout

→ Better Paste Shortcuts

→ 10+ New Templates

→ New Business Details

Let's have a better look together!👇

💫 Fresh Mockups & Arrow Layout

The new arrow layout is fire 🔥

You can customize the arrow by choosing between 10 arrow shapes and 2 placements for the arrow position. Size & color are also adjustable!

Also, the new iPhone 14 mobile mockup is available on BrandBird! Both in the BrandBird studio and as a separate free mockup generator.

🚀 10+ New Stunning Templates

notion image

The 10+ new BrandBird templates take advantage of the new mockups & image annotation layers & effects.

It’s an attempt to show you the unlimited possibilities of the previous month's BrandBird update.

Feel free to explore & remix them at

📋 New Paste Functionality

You might have noticed that the paste functionality with the shortcuts has changed a bit lately. Let me explain the paste shortcuts briefly:

  • ⌘ (or CTRL) + V: It replaces the currently selected image layer (annotation or layout image). If you don't have any image selected, it adds a new layout image.
  • ⌘ (or CTRL) + SHIFT + V: It adds a new annotation image layer from your clipboard’s content.

🏛️ Billing: Company Details Update

A quick heads up about your next BrandBird invoice details!

This week, I’ve completed the transition to a new company form, so all the new invoices & receipts will be issued by my new company, BrandFlow L.P.

The full company details are:

Company Name: BRANDFLOW L.P.

Business Address: ΚΑΙΣΑΡΕΙΑΣ 12, Thessaloniki, 54454, Greece

VAT ID: EL801904302

That’s all for now folks! Talk soon!


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