BrandBird May 2022 Updates

Written by Jim Raptis

Jun 3, 2022

BrandBird May 2022 Updates

In May, BrandBird introduced many major (and even more, smaller) handy features that can ease your design workflow.

In a nutshell, the core features are:

→ Unsplash integration for images

→ Pixelate sensitive information

→ Export with transparent background

→ Chrome Extension beta (!!!)

But let's have a deeper look together!

🌅 Unsplash Integration & Image Layers

notion image

You can search & use free Unsplash images for your graphics. Add them either as a background image or **drumrolls** an image annotation layer.

Yes! Now, BrandBird supports image layers for annotation.

Search for terms like "background""black/white gradient" to find great images for your background.

🕶️Pixelate sensitive data

notion image

Easily hide your sensitive information with the new pixelate feature.

Its main benefit is that it's not reversible so it's more secure than the default blur option.

🔍Transparent Background

notion image

Now you can completely remove the background of your graphics with a single click.

Really useful when you want to:

→ Use the image as overlays above other graphics

→ Import the image to other design tools, like Figma

→ Create transparent landing page graphics

🖱️Drag-n-Drop images

Flawless image import process. Simply drag them inside the editor and drop them at the image you want to replace.

🔥Brand new Chrome Extension (Beta)

notion image

The BrandBird Chrome extension is getting a major update.

It's still in beta but already includes many new handy options:

→ Capture visible tab

→ Extract elements from the page

→ Highlight a specific element

→ Create OG images for a page

Excited to share the beta version with anyone interested to check it. Please, send me an email and I’ll share the installation instructions.

That’s all for now! Talk soon!


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