✨ BrandBird March 2022 Report ✨

Written by Jim Raptis

Apr 5, 2022

✨ BrandBird March 2022 Report ✨

March was a busy month for BrandBird! I've released a ton of tiny UX improvements, bug fixes, and two exciting features in beta.

Let's have a look together!

🎨 Better Color Pickers

BrandBird automatically recognizes the primary colors of your images and makes them available inside any color picker.

It’s handy if you want to create a matching solid color, pattern, or gradient background for your graphic.

On top of that, the color pickers support the eyedropper that allows you to easily pick any color from your image. For now, it’s only working on the Chrome browser.

🌐 Export For The Web

Export your graphic in the modern lossless image format WebP!

The exported graphics are perfect for web assets like blog post images, open graph images, and website graphics because their size can be ~50KB.

🏹 Annotate Easier & Quicker

Just use the quick access menu ⌘+K , type in the name of the layer you want to add and hit enter!

The supported layers are text, arrow, emoji, circle, rectangle, numbered lists, badges, and vectors.

🌍 Publish Your Templates

notion image

Now, you’re able to publish your BrandBird templates in our community!

But why should I care? Good question!

Public templates are available at brandbird.app/templates and any user can use them. Each template has a unique page on our website which is auto-generated and includes your public information and a backlink to your Twitter account (if you already use Twitter auth).

Then it’s a great way to help other users start quicker with BrandBird, boost your brand awareness, and grow your audience.

Read this tutorial about how to publish your BrandBird templates on our community.

👨‍💻 API & Zapier Integration Beta

The BrandBird API allows you to generate dynamic images via a simple API call!

In addition to that, there is a Zapier integration for common actions like posting an Instagram post from a tweet.

Both of these featureNs are in closed beta for BrandBird PRO users. Fill in this form to get early access!

That’s all for now! Talk soon!


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