How SaaS Founders use BrandBird to grow their audience

Written by Jim Raptis

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BrandBird is a graphic editor focused on product images and SaaS founders.

The main uses cases for which SaaS founders use BrandBird are two.

  1. Create product updates for their customers (newsletters, changelog page, landing page graphics, etc), and
  1. Announce their features, achievements, and milestones on their social media account with slick visuals and their unique branding.

With BrandBird, SaaS founders take the creative creation process into their hands and eventually save valuable time and money. You avoid communication friction with external designers.

If you already have a designer on your team you can use the Team plan to invite them into your BrandBird account. They can create some templates and you can re-use them.

Let’s explore both of these use cases and how BrandBird makes the process smooth.

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