Best practices for affiliate partners

Written by Jim Raptis

Nov 7, 2022

Best practices for affiliate partners

The BrandBird affiliate program is open to any BrandBird user (free or pro) and allows you to earn a 30% recurring commission for any payment via your unique link.

If you aren’t an affiliate partner yet, you can join the affiliate program now.

Let’s start with a quick definition of the affiliate marketing term

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

For example, if you have a blog about design and you’re using BrandBird to create visuals, you can join the BrandBird affiliate program and put your unique link in your blog posts. If someone reads your blog and clicks on your link to sign up for BrandBird, you’ll receive 30% commission for all their purchases.

Now let’s have a look at 5 efficient ways to promote your BrandBird affiliate link.

Affiliate marketing ideas

If you’re looking for ideas on how to promote your affiliate link, here are some tips:

1. Stories or product reviews

The best way to promote a product or service is by sharing real stories from your own experience using it.

notion image

Product reviews are also a common tactic to promote your affiliate links and make people understand BrandBird’s value.

Analyzing some of our unique features can help your audience understand BrandBird’s real value.

2. Share the link on social media

Posting your affiliate link on your social media accounts, especially Twitter and LinkedIn, is a decent marketing technique.

During the last year, many BrandBird users tell me that they very often get asked questions like these:

  • “How did you create this image?”
  • “Which tool did you use to create this graphic?”
Pratham is getting asked a lot about
Pratham is getting asked a lot about how he creates his visuals.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to respond with your affiliate link and boost your affiliate revenue.

Otherwise, you can make shoutout posts about your BrandBird experience and hook up your affiliate link in the post.

3. Link on the footer or a related page

You can simply add a site banner on your website, or a global link on your footer section.

It’s the easiest way to get started with affiliate links without any major investment from your side.

Download the BrandBird banners at
Download the BrandBird banners at

Another really useful tactic - especially for people in tech - is to create a “Tech Stack” or “Uses” page on your portfolio website.

In these pages, you can showcase the tools and technologies that you use in your daily workflow.

It’s the perfect place to promote your affiliate links and tell people why you love using BrandBird.

An “/uses” page example by the developer Kent C. Dodds.
An “/uses” page example by the developer Kent C. Dodds.

4. Podcast mentions

Usually, podcast owners monetize their content via sponsorships and paid advertising.

However, the use of affiliate links is another viable way to monetize podcasts.

It’s as simple as making a brief introduce about BrandBird and how it helps you boost your design workflow.

Make sure that you mention to them to follow your affiliate link, by redirecting them to the podcast episode description or a custom link on your website that redirect to your unique affiliate link (eg.

5. Share with friends

Sharing with your friends is an obvious, but very often neglected, affiliate marketing tactic.

You can (and should) share your affiliate link with friends and colleagues via traditional communication channels (email, direct message, SMS, or over the phone).

Please, let me know on Twitter if you have any other useful affiliate marketing practices and ideas to efficiently promote links 🙌

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