Best practices for Image Annotation

Written by Jim Raptis

Nov 15, 2022

Best practices for Image Annotation

Image annotation is the process when you mark an important part of an image to point out a specific detail in the picture by adding a rectangle, circle, arrow, or text on top of your image.

First of all, let's see why image annotation is important and a few use cases.

Why image annotation is important?

With image annotation, you highlight important areas of your images and screenshots to drive attention to them.

Image annotation is very useful when you want to show features of your product to your users, and highlight part of an image to communicate your message better to your team members or colleagues.

What are some use cases for image annotation?

notion image

Thanks for asking! You can use an online image annotation tool when you want to:

  • Highlight product features with a circle or/and an arrow
  • Showcase a customer testimonial by blurring sensitive details
  • Point to a specific part of a screenshot with an arrow
  • Explain an image on social media by placing numbers on top of it
  • Avoid lengthy text explanations and note your message on top of the image

How do you use an image annotation tool?

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To use an online image annotation tool like Brandbird Studio, you need to follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Upload an image from your device, or paste an image from your clipboard
  1. Crop the image or screenshot if it includes unnecessary information
  1. Blur sensitive information from your image
  1. Add rectangles, circles, numbers, or/and arrows to highlight important parts
  1. Add emoji to make your image more personal

What's the best image annotation tool?

The best annotation tool is Brandbird (kinda biased haha)!

With Brandbird you can easily annotate an image with a few clicks. But that's not all...

You can also add very interesting 3D to your image itself, cool backgrounds, and many more interesting features.

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